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Coding outdoors

Hello! I'm Diamantis.

Full-Stack Engineer

Welcome, friend!

My name is Diamantis Argyris. I enjoy transforming complex problems into elegant solutions. I'm very fond of clean interfaces, innovation and growth.

Off the screen, I enjoy playing music and experimenting with electronics and new technologies. You might also spot me at a cafe lost in a book or enjoying a walk by the river.

Portfolio Highlights


Lyrics, artwork and original music generation out of simple input.

aMUZE prototype - Award: $ 150,000

Original music generation out of a simple whistle or hum with AI.


VIM + vimscript + tmux = POWER

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Technologies background


My development experience strengthens by my great interest in computers and technology. Thanks to my drive, I had the chance to build very complex projects and try technologies a lot sooner than expected.

My latest project was awarded $ 150,000 in Switzerland for generating original songs with AI using a simple whistle or hum as input.

As a goal-driven developer, my primary motive is to create value.



Cloud & DB


DevOps & Infrastructure

Productivity & Collaboration

Interview Silicon Valley
Presentation Switzerland

Of course, without collaboration progress can only go so far. Working with other people helps combine different ideas to create something great.

I'm a big fan of tools that can help increase efficiency and productivity through collaboration.



Let's talk about...

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